Where can I find a plat of my property?

Official survey plats are required as part of the building permit, conceptual plan, site plan, variance, rezoning, special use permit, and master plan application submittal packages. The Planning Division does not keep a copy of the recorded plat on file. If you are unable to obtain a plat from the current property owner (normally produced with property deed or land title) here are several options:

  • In some cases, financial institutions require the recordation of a property survey along with the deed upon closing. Check with the James City County-Williamsburg Courthouse by calling 757-564-2242.
  • If any building permits have been obtained for additions, decks, pools, and/or accessory structures in the last 20 years, our Building Safety and Permits Division can help you find the permit number. The record itself can be pulled from the Records Management Division once you have the permit number.
  • If your lot has been subdivided as part of a subdivision, a blanket plat of the entire subdivision can be found in the Records Management Division. Individual plats may be available in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court depending on closing requirements.

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