Applicants (and installation addresses) must be JCSA residential water customers with a current account balance. Rebate requests must be submitted and received within 180 days of purchase. Rebate submission must include receipt or other documentation showing both the actual item purchased and proof of type of payment (cash, check or credit card). Experts in lawn and garden care are actively assisting government staff to encourage citizens landscaping to be smart in watering techniques and plant selection.

Rebate Amount Apply online
High-efficiency dishwasher Up to $50 Apply for rebate
High-efficiency washing machine Up to $75 Apply for rebate
On-demand hot water recirculator Up to $50 Apply for rebate
WaterSense high-efficiency toilet Up to $40 (per toilet) Apply for rebate
Rain barrel and cistern Up to $25 (per rain barrel) Apply for rebate
Rain sensor Up to $25 Apply for rebate