Rates & Charges

Current Customer Rates & Charge (as of July 1, 2022)

Printer-Friendly Rate Card

  1. Water Charges
  2. Sewer Charges
  3. Ancillary Charges

Retail Service Rates

(a)  Fixed Charge – Each customer bill shall include a Fixed Charge based upon the size of the meter serving the customer. The Fixed Charge for each billing cycle shall be calculated based on the fixed charge chart below. This Fixed Charge is for expenses associated with operating and maintaining the water distribution system.Retail-Services-Rate-Water

(b)  Water service shall be based upon a commodity charge for all consumption, as follows:



Systems Facilities Fee

A System Facilities Fee shall be paid by each applicant for water service through a new separate connection to a public water main. This fee is charged to defray the cost of providing major supply, transmission main, booster pumping, and storage facilities. It is based on the size of the meter required for the connection:Systems-Facilities-Fees-Water

Local Facilities Fee

A Local Facilities Fee of $1,436 shall be paid for each separate connection to an existing water main. The purpose of this fee is to defray the cost of installing the mains, valves, and fire hydrants which are necessary to provide water service to abutting properties and which have been provided at the expense of the Authority.