Public Engagement Summaries

Round 4: Planning and Implementing

During the summer and fall of 2021, public engagement focused on providing a final opportunity for public input prior to plan consideration and adoption by the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors. Citizens were able to review the latest draft documents on the website and send in comments via the website, letter, email, or phone call, and to speak at the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors public hearings. Additionally, although the Future Land Use Map Questionnaire closed in Round 3 of engagement, the public was able to continue submitting general feedback on proposed land use map changes. The Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors received the Round 4 comments with their respective public hearing materials and were able to consider them alongside comments made at the public hearings. On October 26, 2021, the Board of Supervisors unanimously adopted the Plan.

Read the Round 4 Summary Report here: Round 4 Public Engagement Summary Report (PDF)

Read the adopted 2045 Comprehensive Plan: Our County, Our Shared Future

Watch the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors Public Hearings and Meetings on the County’s YouTube channel. 

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Round 3: Policies & Actions and Character Design Guidelines Questionnaires

Conducted in the winter and spring of 2021, Round 3 of community engagement consisted of three questionnaires complemented by a series of virtual Community Chats designed to assist citizens in completing the questionnaires. The Policies and Actions questionnaire asked for opinions on steps the County might take to implement citizens’ vision for the future. The Community Character Design Guidelines questionnaire sought views on the appearance of structures that might be built in the future and the lands surrounding those structures. The third questionnaire asked for opinions on 27 Land Use proposals and how those relate to future expectations for development. 

Read the Summary Report here: Round 3 Public Engagement Summary Report (PDF)

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Round 2: Exploring Our Future Alternatives

During the spring and summer of 2020, ENGAGE 2045 completed the “Alternative Futures” phase of the planning process. This work used maps and data to show different outcomes for James City County, depending on whether the community pursues current trends or a new path. Citizens participated in an online assembly and online surveys.

Read a summary report of the Round 2 engagement here: Executive Summary Report: Round 2 Community Engagement (PDF).

To watch the meeting either live or at your own leisure, visit the County’s live stream page or YouTube channel. The recorded meeting and the summary report presentation will be posted shortly thereafter.

Visit the Exploring our Future Alternatives Facebook Event Page:

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Round 1b: Listening Forums

At the May 4, 2020 Listening Forum, local community organizations presented their mission, goals and challenges in relation to the future of James City County. The Community Participation Team (CPT) asked each organization to describe the greatest need or desired outcome that should be addressed in the Comprehensive Plan update. Each participating group had up to 15 minutes to present information to the CPT.

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Round 1a: Summit on the Future

The Summit on the Future was the main public engagement event for the first phase of the Comprehensive Plan update.  Held on November 18, 2019, this event incorporated six separate in-person events, including one in each of the County’s five voting districts.  The event was also broadcast on local television to allow participation from home.

Read a summary report of the Summit on the Future and other Phase 1 engagement events here: Comprehensive Plan Public Engagement Summary Report Phase 1 (PDF)

Visit the Summit on the Future Facebook Event Page:

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Foundation: Citizen Survey Results

In January 2019, the James City County Board of Supervisors contracted with the Center for Survey Research at the University of Virginia to design, conduct and analyze a survey of James City County residents. The goal of the survey was to determine opinion on a number of issues as the County began the process of updating its Comprehensive Plan.

Read the report: 2019 Citizen Survey Report with Appendices (PDF)

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