Adult Services

Adult Protective Services

Adult Protective Services investigates reports of abuse, neglect, and exploitation of adults 60 years of age or older and incapacitated adults age 18 or older. If protective services are needed and accepted by the individual, local Adult Protective Services social workers may arrange for a wide variety of health, housing, social and legal services to stop the mistreatment or prevent further mistreatment.

Services offered may include home-based care, transportation, adult day services, nutrition services and legal intervention in order to protect the adult. Services may also be arranged for individuals in emergency situations who lack the capacity to consent to services.


To be eligible for receiving services, a person must be 18 to 59 years old with a disability, or be 60 years of age or older.

Prevention Program

The Adult Services Prevention Program assists the elderly, disabled or caregivers, who meet certain criteria, to identify resources for helping in long-term care planning. This program also helps in targeting specific populations who can be referred in order to avoid crisis as well as provides education, resources and support.

Home-Based Services

Elderly and disabled adults, within income guidelines, may be eligible to receive in-home services to assist with personal care needs to allow them to continue to live at home safely.