2020 Officer of the Year

Investigator Diane WaltersInvestigator Diane Walters

Investigator Diane Walters has been named 2020 Officer of the Year. Investigator Walters typically investigates financial crimes such as fraud, forgeries and obtaining goods by false pretense. While these are not known to be the most exciting, glamorous cases, they are very important to the victims and their future. She has been assigned some very complex cases during the past year, for which she was able to successfully obtain information, identify suspects, locate property, assist in related cases and charge the offenders with related crimes.

Investigator Walters was asked and accepted the collateral duty of being an on-call Crime Scene Investigator. To prepare herself for this new assignment, she attended training in Basic Crime Scene Investigation, Basic Crime Scene Photography and Impression Evidence Photography.  She willingly accepted this assignment without affecting her caseload, her work and most importantly her attitude!  

Diane also completed the Crisis Intervention Training over the last year. On numerous occasions, she was asked to assist department instructors with in-service training as a role player. She participates in lockdown drills at schools in an effort to assist the School Resource Unit achieve its goals.

Investigator Walters has demonstrated that she is a very hard worker, is always willing to help others and is always eager to learn new methods of criminal investigations. Investigator Walters is a model employee. Her positive attitude and genuine concern about the cases she is assigned and the victims of those cases demonstrates the County Values on a daily basis.

Investigator Walters also works to further the community policing efforts of the department. She has participated in community events such as the Grove Neighborhood Block Party and National Night Out. She is also an instructor for the Department’s Citizens Forensic Academy.

Investigator Diane Walters has clearly exceeded what is routinely expected and distinguished herself above her peers and, it is for these reasons, that she is named the 2020 Officer of the Year.

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