Short & Long Term Disability

Short-Term Disability (VRS Hybrid participants)

Short-term disability is provided to eligible employees after a 12-month and 7-day waiting period. Benefits includes 60% of employee's earnings for disability, pregnancy, or periodic absences due to major chronic conditions.

Long-Term Disability (VRS Hybrid participants)

Long-term disability begins when short-term disability ends. Benefits become effective after 26 weeks of continuous leave due to a chronic illness or disability. Benefits include 60% of employee's earnings.

Sick Leave Bank (VRS Plan 1 and Plan 2 participants)

Eligible employees may participate in the sick leave bank, a “pool” of accrued sick leave days for use by member employees who are unable to work because of an extended personal illness or disability. To become a member, eligible employees contribute a day of sick leave to the pool. After a 42-day waiting period and all leave is exhausted, members are eligible to receive their full pay for up to 6 weeks. New employees can join within 30 days after their introductory period ends or during open enrollment periods.