Cox Communications

Issues With Cox Cable Service

Under federal and state law, local government authority over cable companies is very limited. The County cannot regulate rates, equipment charges or programming. However, the County can assist with customer service issues through the cable company’s government affairs manager.

If you are having problems with your Cox cable service you should always contact Cox first. Most problems can be resolved 24/7 through their online customer service center or by phone, 757-224-1111. For unresolved Cox customer service issues, including issues with installation, online technicians or response by any Cox employee to a citizen or business in James City County, please complete the form below.

Cable Franchise Agreement

James City County currently has 1 cable TV provider. The County maintains a non-exclusive Franchise Agreement (PDF) for cable television with Cox Communications. The non-exclusive franchise provides an open door for any other cable company to apply for a franchise with the County.

Staff has spoken with representatives from other cable companies about providing services to County residents. To date, those companies have not made plans to invest in the underground wiring, equipment, facilities and other infrastructure needed to provide cable services. The County remains open to cable competition to our area.

Other TV alternatives in James City County are satellite TV and Over-The-Air TV (OTA) which requires an antenna and Digital TV (DTV) ready television.

Franchise Fees

Franchise fees are charged by the state and local governments for use of the public rights-of-way. Federal law stipulates that the fee must be 5% or less of the cable company’s gross revenues from their operation within the local government’s jurisdiction. Cable companies itemize their franchise fees on cable customer statements.

Franchise fees are paid directly to the Commonwealth of Virginia. The state combines those fees with other telecommunications fees and taxes and returns a portion back to the local government.