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Community Development

  1. Building Safety & Permits Document Submission Form

    Please use this form to submit plans and supporting documents relating to the Building Safety & Permits division.

  2. Septic Abandonment Affidavit Form
  1. Planning Division Document Submission Form

    Please use this form to submit plans and supporting documents for current legislative case and administrative review cases.


  1. Business Keyholder Information
  2. Fire Explorers: Interest Contact
  3. Request a Safety Presentation

    Please make all requests at least one month in advance and allow 3-5 business days for response. To aid in scheduling, please provide... More…

  1. Event Request Form

    Please complete this form to request Fire Department participation for your community event. Requests must be made at least one month... More…

  2. JCC CERT Basic Training Registration

General Services

  1. Adopt-A-Spot Activity Report Form

    Adopt-A-Spot Partners are to complete this form after each cleanup.

  2. Clean Water Heritage/Stormwater Maintenance and Repair Grants

    This application is to be used to apply for both Clean Water Heritage and Stormwater Maintenance and Repair Grants.

  3. Free Pet Waste Station Application

    Free Pet Waste Station for County Neighborhood's

  4. James City County Clean Business Award

    The James City Clean County Commission is responsible for selecting and awarding the James City Clean Business Award on a quarterly... More…

  5. Stormwater Service Request

    Service requests for drainage, soil erosion, BMP or illegal dumping into the storm drain.

  1. Adopt-A-Spot Registration Form

    Citizens can participate in beautification and litter clean-ups of designated areas in their community at regular intervals through the... More…

  2. Do Not Mow Sign application

    Do Not Mow Sign Application

  3. Free Storm Drain Medallion Application

    Free Storm Drain Medallion for County Neighborhood's

  4. James City County Rain Garden Inspection and Maintenance Agreement Extension

    The form is for County residents to voluntarily extend their rain garden inspection and maintenance agreements, so the County may take... More…


  1. 2016 Feedback Survey
  2. How Are We Doing?
  1. Alliance on Violence Against Women Feedback Form

    Submit feedback to help us improve our web presence.


  1. 2017 Tourism Photo Contest

    Please complete this form to enter our 2017 Tourism Photo Contest.


  1. Dog Tag Application

    Send check or money order and all rabies certificates to: Jennifer D. Tomes, Treasurer James City County P.O. Box 8701 ... More…