Master Officer Tim Renwick Awarded 2016 Officer of the Year

Over the last year, Senior Police Officer Tim Renwick has been incredibly active, both with his patrol duties, as well as various extra duties and volunteer work with the Department. Officer Renwick has proven himself to be a leader among his peers with respect to his patrol duties. He is consistently among the highest of his fellow officers in various areas of traffic enforcement, felony and misdemeanor criminal arrests, service of warrants, and various other fields. 
Officer Tim Renwick
He is a very active member of the Hostage Negotiations Team, having successfully negotiated the safe outcome in various high stress situations. Along with being a member of the Negotiations Team, Officer Renwick is also part of the Colonial Area Crisis Intervention Team (CIT). As a member of this team, he attended and passed the CIT Instructor school, became the JCCPD coordinator for the regional CIT Team, and also helped get Busch Gardens, Kingsmill PD, and the Merrimac Detention Center involved in CIT training and development.
Officer Renwick has also volunteered in his off time to assist in the building of the new playground at the Grove Community Center, which has led to a central area where the neighborhood children can enjoy time outside in a safe environment. He regularly provides In-House and Roll Call training on various subjects. He has instructed in CIT classes and has been a model example as an instructor representing our department while instructing members of other agencies. 

Officer Renwick has demonstrated an outgoing personality and willingness to help all of those around him. He comes to work each day and goes home each evening with a smile on his face. He has shown himself to be professional, sincere, and empathetic to the citizens of James City County, going well beyond the call of duty to assist them. He is extremely well-liked and respected by his peers, not only for his enormous sense of team spirit, but also his willingness to do whatever he can to assist other officers in any situation. Throughout the past year, Officer Renwick has embodied the County’s values of Integrity, Collaboration, Stewardship, and above all Excellence, and is therefore named the 2016 Officer of the Year.